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to be arraigned later on this week. >>> other bay area headlines. san jose police investigated the city's ninth homicide of the year this morning. the man what the found dead in the street shot in the chest. so far no suspects. >>> in san francisco, police believe a homeless man was sleeping on top of an elevator when he was crushed. his body was found last night in an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. >>> and a martinez teenager missing for nearly two weeks is safe. 18-year-old ryan menjivar's mom says the successful alhambra high school student couldn't take bullying and left home in the middle of the night. they have been searching for him but the family says ryan is safe and will not go back to school in martinez. >>> the search is on for an oakland woman who went out for a jog four days ago and hasn't come back. the 31-year-old woman was last seen thursday morning near 34th and telegraph. a business surveillance video caught her walking by at 8 a.m. she was supposed to catch a flight to dallas the next day to visit her brother but she never
san jose officials about city affairs must be made public. this comes following a ruling from a santa clara county judge. the move is meant to close a loophole in the state's public records law. the ruling is a victory for those accusing california of a public records act. >>> ktvu learned -- agents used passengers blue tooth devices to track them through the airport. passenger groups are not happy about it. >> reporter: lines can be long. documents show tsa tested a project to measure how long sensors in the terminal to find your blue tooth device, hone in and track you. and how long it takes you to get through security. it detects signals and calculates a wait time. the information would be encrypted and destroyed within two hours. we've learned they tested this technology in 2012 in las vegas and indianapolis. then bailed on it. >> this is an expensive and complicated way of estimating average wait times. compared with having a ticket agent write the time. >> reporter: tsa has been dealing with complaints about how it handles privacy.
the microclimates. we saw anywhere from just over .3" of precipitation right around the san jose area and sunnyvale to nearly a half inch in walnut creek and nearly 7 owe 10" inof rain in st. helena. how do we stack up as far as the precipitation of normal stats are concerned? well, we are doing better than last year but we still need more rain. san francisco 73% of where we should be for this time of the year. santa rosa 83. but compare that with last year when san jose only had 26% of normal. sure, we had more rain coming. paul deanno will tell you a little later in this broadcast if it's certainly going to help. reporting live with mobile weather from treasure island, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> you can track the rain anytime with our live high-def doppler radar. that's on our website, cbssf.com/weather. >>> four suspects are in jail after an hours long hostage drama in san francisco this morning. now, police say it started just before 4 a.m. four suspects in ski mass, took over a marijuana growing operation in the city's bayview neighborhoo
in san jose this morning. the pilot of the alaska airlines plane got a warning of a possible engine fire 20 minutes into the flight from san jose to idaho. the pilot declared an emergency, turned around and came ban t mineta. the passengers were unhurt and put on other flights. >>> in richmond, experts are checking out how much damage was done to a sailboat stolen and beached near pacifica yesterday. the 82-foot "darling" was he had to do richmond overnight and is in -- was towed to richmond overnight and is in dry dock. repairs could cost more than what the boat is worth. >>> a san jose woman says she woke up to a man in her bedroom then screams and chases him off. kpix 5's cate caugiran with why police say the suspect was well equipped to evade them. >>> reporter: she woke up and there he was hovering over her. the woman tells me at first she thought it was one of her daughters' boyfriends and seconds later she knew it wasn't. it appears he broke in the kitchen window. she chased him out the back door. >> this person is on parole for burglary
the neighborhoods and reach out to young people about alternatives to violence. >>> san jose police are trying to explain how they missed the body of an elderly man stabbed, then stashed in his apartment. detectives had checked the place after the man was listed as missing. but as mark sayre tells us, the big break came yesterday when the victim's granddaughter wound up back at the apartment alongside the suspected killer. >> reporter: family members have been looking for him for more than a month. police even made a visit to the apartment. despite all that effort, the man's decomposing body was right there the entire time. 69-year-old stanley jacobson was last seen by his family on february 4th and now, more than a month later, police have arrested regina butler and charged her with murder. his granddaughter says the family has always suspected butler, who the family believed to be homeless. >> and latched on to a senior that had an apartment and some place for her to hide out in and, you know, he's -- you know, diminished capacity. >> reporter: police now
to crimes in hayward and san jose. it ended after the car they were in spun out. it started in hayward when officers tried to pull the driver or for driving under the for the fluence. police -- influence. police think they were involved in a shooting. >> there was a incident that involved a shooting from a vehicle. we are determining whether or not this vehicle was involved in that. >> police are also investigating whether the three men were involved in a armed robbery and shooting in san san jose. >>> the castro district will be the scene of a rally and march in support of same-sex marriage. ktvu's noelle walker is live where the supreme court court, all eyes on the supreme court. >> reporter: we have seen a few people here with signs and flags. they are starting to set up for a huge rally and march to city hall. supreme court is taking up the debate tomorrow and this is not a black and white issue. there are a number of ways the court can go. >> reporter: 20,000 same-sex couples in california said i do. and then in november california voters sa
after most of the region's law enforcement officers drove to san jose for services for the two murdered santa cruz officers -- >> tellers were pretty shaken up. >> reporter: -- three armed men robbed a bank of the best bank in nearby capitola. >> i couldn't believe someone was taking advantage of today. >> reporter: witnesses told police the robbers pointed handguns and escaped with an unnamed amount of cash. the timing was no coincidence. >> people know that a lot of the officers are going to be over there honoring the fallen officers. it's just really disappointing. actually, it's disgusting. >> reporter: several capitola officers were at the services, but even with minimum staffing levels, sergeant booth said he had enough officers to investigate the robbery and cover the rest of the city. next car to santa cruz, almost all of the officers were at the funeral next door in santa cruz, officers from salinas, the monterey county selves office and cal berkeley pd patroled the city and answered calls. santa cruz firehouses were backfilled b
.s. marine to the san jose police force, one of dozens of stories at the police academy graduated a new closs. how this graduation comes after years of cut backs. >> 43 men and women entered this hall as civilians and they lefts asworn police officer. this is san jose police academy class 18. two women and 41 men marched into park side hall to graduate after the toughest six months of their lives. >> i prefer to think of the last six months and what we have accomplished. we're peace officers, we're realizing our dreams. >> it will be a big honor to be a part of this. 33-year-old matthew barerra joined the department after spending years in the marine corps. i've seen evil, i know what it can do. it have will be fun letting bad guys know who's in charge. it will be a welcome addition to the streets of san jose. >> so things have gotten better and we're so grateful we can hire more officers and to see the new, young recruits excited is a good thing. >> considering there were 140 resignations in the past with the years if union is not optimistic. as fa
are treating the case as a homicide. >>> san jose police have released a sketch of the woman wanted in yesterday's child kidnapping. the woman drove away with the 11-month-old girl in a stolen jeep liberty after the mother went in to the house for a moment. the little girl was found sava long with that vehicle about five miles away. the kidnapper is described as latino, about 160-pounds, about 38 to 45. >> san jose police are investigating a deadly traffic accident involving a single vehicle. it happened about two on monterey highway. investigators say an initial investigation shows the vehicle was traveling southbound on monterey highway at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control and smashed into a building. the identity of the driver has not yet been released. he was declared dead at the scene. >>> in san jose an early morning accident left hundreds in the dark. it happened about five at the intersection of coleman avenue just thought of taylor. the outaga was caused when a street sweeper hit a power pole. pg&e said power has been
fog may slow you down. snow in chicago and 36 degrees. overnight lows tonight. san jose will be down to 43 degrees. for the forecast highs tomorrow, everybody in the low 60s. 61 in san jose. starts to get wet late tomorrow. sunshine will be predominant. you will wake up tomorrow and say what rain. by next weekend, sun comes back. we dry out. >> good >> thank you, brian. >> we'll be right back. ken, a spectacular show on the bay bridge makes its debut tomorrow night. 16:10:16"this piece will be seen by 50 million people...i feel great about tht" >>> live with ken bastida in san francisco now. >> ken, going to be nice in the bay area tomorrow. >> reporter: we have been watching the testing for the past several months now. tomorrow night they will debut this thing. we are out behind the ferry building. a lot of these peers and hoe -- hotels are getting booked up. >> this will be seen by 50 million people over two years, so it has a tremendous audience. it is something they can see and engage with. they don't have to go in a buildi
not to be a hurdle. >> it's defendnily doable in this market on these dayses. >> reporter: the teams and san jose will be seen by millions throughout television land. >> this is a great advertisement for the city of san jose to show case itself as a major player in athletics and a major player as a city in the united states. >> with the hockey season being cut in half, march madness brings merchants madness. >> we get more people to work. >> much bigger than any sort of event that goes on hp typically. could be bigger than a sharks game. they will be coming over all day long. >> reporter: local businesses lost at least one-third of their businesses during the nhl lockout. >> >> you can view the brackets for the ncaa 2a tournament by going to our website. >>> nfl agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the league's players, the players claim that the league used their names and money without their permission. the settlement create as new licensing agency to make sure retirees are compensated when their names are used. >> >> talk about a couple of champions.
an appointment. they will be going over all of that next week. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> mr. shirakawa will be arraigned on march 18. the district attorney's office says he faces the prospect of substantial jail time. the office also says that shirakawa will never again be able to hold public office here in california. >>> deputies hospital is and killed a suspected kidnapper after the victim fought back with her cell phone. they say that she was sending text messages the whole time. they led straight to the woman and her alleged abductor in santa rosa last night. after a 10-mile chase she was safe and he was dead. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in santa rosa with new details. >> reporter: that santa rosa police department and district attorney's office are handling the investigation. they are in the process of interviewing witnesses to try and determine why deadly force was used. a toyota camry window blown out was towed from odd fellows park in guerneville around 3:00. the driver a kidnapping suspect was shot and kill
at san jose nearly five degrees below average for the month. san francisco and livermore right around 2 degrees below average. so a chilly albeit sunny february. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies, low to mid-40s. san rafael 44, fremont 44. we are finishing february on a dry note. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry once again. look at all the rainfall. there's another storm system moving through. there have been three this week all of them missing us to the north. heavy rainfall for the pacific northwest. zero rainfall for us. but that's going to change after tomorrow. tomorrow we get the offshore wind out of the northeast. so we'll start march off on a warm note tomorrow. low 70s perhaps even in downtown san francisco. that's about a dozen degrees milder than today. high pressure then begins to move out. the onshore flow is back and by tuesday, the first of many fronts is going to move through. it will be much cooler and much wetter coming up next week and that big change occurs next tuesday. so sunny and warm tomorrow. clouds increase a bit ove
tomorrow for livermore? 80 for san jose. low 80s for campbell, los gatos, los altos 81. redwood city 76. san ramon upper 70s. along the coastline you will be in the upper 60s warmer than today but 10 degrees cooler than inland. look at these highs through the weekend. mid-70s inland, low to mid-70s near the bay, cooler at the coast and zero rainfall for the next 7 days. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is in the oakland hills tonight to tell us about a big comet appearing. >> reporter: yes. we did bring mobile weather here to this grassy knoll across from the oakland zoo. the current conditions, it was 71 degrees when we arrived. it's down to 69. winds under 10. if you were to look in that direction, you would see a very hazy san jose. and that direction is due west towards the skyline of san francisco and that's where all eyes will be tonight as we have the first of three comes visible in north america in 2013. it's name is "pan-starrs" and it will be visible toward the western horizon tonight about 7:49. let's say about 40 minutes after twilight. yo
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14